Nuformix is a pharmaceutical development company targeting unmet medical needs in fibrosis and oncology using drug repurposing

We use our expertise in discovering, developing, and patenting novel drug forms with improved physical properties, to develop new products in new indications that are differentiated from the original by way of dosage, delivery route, or, presentation, thus creating new and attractive commercial opportunities.

We see a clear opportunity to extract value from our early-stage pipeline of assets for fibrosis and oncology which are therapy areas with high unmet medical needs and significant commercial potential.

Drug repurposing

Drug repurposing is a well-known strategy for enhancing the therapeutic and commercial value of marketed drugs.

There is a greater probability of success compared to developing new drugs, due to the existing data, particularly safety data, already generated on the marketed drug. The existence of data may also result in lower overall development costs and shorter development timelines.

The commercial potential of these drugs may be enhanced by differentiation by way of formulation, route of administration or dose and, gaining patent protection.

Solid form science

We use our expertise in solid form science to discover and file patent applications on new solid forms to facilitate the  development of alternative formulations and delivery methods to repurpose marketed drugs into differentiated products for new indications.


We have an early-stage pipeline of preclinical and Phase 1-ready assets with potential for significant value and early licensing opportunities. Our business model is to take our assets to key-value inflection points before partnering or licensing. Development is conducted virtually, with research and development activities outsourced to a network of external contractors.


Our strategy is to optimise value from our assets while maintaining tight control of costs. We will achieve this by:

NXP002– progressing further preclinical work on our lead asset, NXP002, to deliver a more robust data package to increase this asset’s value and attractiveness to partners and licensees.

NXP001 – pursuing licensing opportunities.

NXP004 – conducting further research and patent application filing on NXP004 to provide a potential IP licensing opportunity.

Business development and licensing activities for all three assets use a structured and data-driven approach, with the goal of seeking global licensing deals.

Lead asset NXP002 – novel inhaled treatment for IPF

NXP002 is an inhaled formulation of tranilast for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in preclinical development. NXP002 is a new route of administration of tranilast. It will be formulated for delivery directly into the lungs by inhalation.