NXP004 (novel form of olaparib) – oncology – IP Generation

Nuformix has discovered novel forms of olaparib, an oncology drug that has significant sales (more than £1 billion per annum in 2020) and is showing further growth.

  • We filed one patent application in September 2020 on new forms of this drug and has utilised certain of the proceeds from the March 2021 placing to do further research on novel forms
  • This research was successful, identifying a new family of co-crystal forms, and in November 2021 the Company filed a second patent application, complementing the previous patent application on NXP004 co-crystals
  • If the patent applications on these new forms are granted, there is potential for patent expiry to extend to 2040/2041
  • We will seek to license NXP004 to the originator of the marketed drug to potentially extend their patent protection, potentially adding significant value for the originator.

We will continue to conduct further research and development activities on this asset.