NXP004 – Fibrosis

Fibrosis is a degenerative disease affecting most vital organs. Healthy tissue becomes scarred and impaired, ultimately resulting in organ failure. Fibrotic conditions (e.g. lung fibrosis) are typified by high patient mortality and are globally recognised as a major unmet medical need. Despite alarming growth rates, current treatments are either non-existent or offer marginal clinical benefits whilst causing side effects so severe that many patients elect to stop treatment.

Nuformix commenced pre-clinical pilot studies to investigate the potential for NXP004 as a treatment for multiple forms of fibrosis in various human tissues with its research partner. The full pilot study is expected to complete by the end of 2020.

Whilst the marketed form of this drug is very successful in its current indication, its formulation and side-effects have posed a significant challenge to extending the use of the drug into new indications that could also benefit from its mechanism of action. Our instinct was to use cocrystal technology to overcome some of the formulation issues and open up potential new therapeutic applications. Evaluation of the pre-clinical data alongside exploring new formulation options with our cocrystal forms will enable us to begin to explore additional business development options.